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BEAUTIFUL MIND               D A E G B E  


You were designed / by a beautiful mind / of the purest kind

(of the purest kind)

Such a brilliant shine / when I look at you / I lose my mind 

(I lose my mind)


Everything I want to understand…

Gets lost in your hands

Instead I’m taken to your wonderland

Where beauty’s so grand…so grand


Your heart’s so fine / Like the sweetest wine / It’s so satisfying

Your gaze refines / the impurities / Within my mind

(within my mind)


Everyone you touch soon understands

They’re part of a plan

Loving all with such a soothing hand

You give all you can


{Funky bridge part} 

I’ll never receive more than my heart can bear

I’ll never receive more than my share

I’ll never believe more than my mind can bear

But you make me believe that there’s more than my mind


My mind.

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