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Mystic Eye Studio is a cozy, inviting, atmospheric sacred studio space in the Cathedral Hill neighborhood of St. Paul primarily geared toward indie folk and rock singer-songwriters with positive, uplifting projects with meaningful messages.What began as a personal home studio has now opened to the public to provide opportunities for other up and coming indie artists to get their voices and music heard in a sonically pleasing way.

Me in my blue blockers

"I've created an aesthetically pleasing space with excellent gear to assist artists in expressing their authentic selves." 


*Recording/engineering   *Producing
*Arrangements   *Mixing
*Overdubbing guitars, bass, backing vocals, piano, haromonium
*I have a network of skilled musicians I can hire for more elaborate/higher-budget productions
**Mastering - outsourced to one of the UK's leading engineers


Ultimately, this is variable based on the needs and depth of the project. However, general starting rates:  


$50 hr - tracking/engineering. Come record hi-fi tracks to leave with to do your own final mix. Treated space, high quality Sphere L 22 modeling mic.

$800 - Two 4 hour tracking session/full mix of song, incl revisions
($400 due via Zelle at booking; remainder due prior to receiving finished song)

$250- High quality live demo (geared mainly toward acoustic singer-songwriters) Come set up with guitar and voice for a hi-fi live track. 4 hour session. Add extra $100/track you can get done during that time. No editing here; must be solid takes you're happy with through and through. 

$400-600 - mix a song tracked elsewhere  *(Variable, based on # of tracks/quality of sound/editing involved)

$40 -stems (up to 6 sets - vocals, guitars, bass, etc) *Included in $800.00 full recording/mix package.

$75-175 per musician
(strings/sax/drums/pedal steel/flute/etc)

$50 - outsourced mastering from one of industry's most respected engineers


  Want to mix your own songs but don't have the right space and gear to make high quality recordings?
No problem. I can engineer your recording session with state of the art equipment and send you off with high quality tracks (or stems) for you to mix on your own time.



   Unlike many studios, I like to track and mix at 88.2 khz sample rate vs the traditional 44.1 khz. Many will say the human ear cannot detect the difference, especially when ultimately downsampling to 44.1 during mastering, but I disagree and am able to perceive a tangible expansive quality and greater clarity to the mix that remains after downsampling. For really large productions this may not be practical.

   I like to build the mix, laying down the guitars/piano/key instrument first and then overdubbing vocals and all other instrumentation, as it allows for the greatest separation and control of the elements during the mix.

   If you prefer to sing and play your instrument live we can also go that route. As a musician I relate to the synergy and interconnectedness of the instrument and the voice that can get lost when separated. Just know there will be some bleed in the mics when using the live approach, which can be partially mitigated.

   I mix primarily in headphones (Sony MDR 7506's), also referencing on CLA-10's (Yamaha NS-10 remakes). 

   I like to take breaks during a mix to give space and approach the final mix with fresh ears; typically a couple of days. Although, for simpler productions you may leave the same day with a fairly polished mix.

   I work in Logic Pro X with a template and general plug-ins preloaded that will be tweaked or disabled as suitable.


   Homemade acoustic panels made with non-toxic, recyclable plant cellulose fiber. All the insulation, no fiberglass in the air. 


Buddy the Studio Cat, assistant engineer. 

Infrared sauna + Red Light Therapy + Shower

    Book a 4 hour tracking session and feel free to relax afterwards in the sauna, adding Red Light for extra healing benefit, and follow it up with a cold shower to decompress after a productive session. 


I work in Logic Pro X, primarily on the Universal Audio platform with the highest quality plug-ins available.

Interface - UAD Apollo MK 11 Quad
3 Quad Satellites (for a total of 16 DSP chips to power all necessary UAD plug-ins in any given session)

Focusrite Clarett+ OctoPre 8-channel ADAT Preamp.

Other plug-ins: Soundtoys Echo Boys and Decapitator; FabFilter Pro Q 3; Gullfoss smart EQ; several Waves; and full Plugin Alliance suite; Slate Virtual Mix Bus; among others.

Mics - Townshend Labs Sphere L22 modeling mic. This allows you to record vocals or an instrument and in post production have the option of choosing from over 100 amazing mics found in the best studios; this allows us to not only choose from expensive mics but also find the one with the quality and tonality that best brings forth your voice in the mix. 2 Warm Audio WA-47jr's for stereo acoustic/piano, etc.

Click to learn more about Sphere L22
Click to learn more about WA-47jr

** I also have access to another studio's mics if need arises **


Headphones - 3 sets of Sony MDR 7506's
Monitors - CLA 10's (NS 10 remakes)

Instruments - Taylor acoustic guitar; Fender Electric Strat (Mexican); Fender Precision Bass; Hybrid Electric Fretless Bass (Unknown body, Fender fretless neck); Harmonium; 1969 Wurlitzer spinet piano.

SACRED SPACE_edited.jpg
SACRED SPACE_edited.jpg

Journeying deep into the soul to find one's truest expression is an extremely vulnerable and sacred process that is deepened and enhanced by the presence of a witness.  The depth of my own inner journey and work allows me to hold space and deep presence, supporting the emergence of an artist's deepest visions. Being vulnerable to the degree necessary to bring out a sacred part of one's inner self can bring up emotions and feelings that need to be witnessed and acknowledged. As a skilled listener and former healing practitioner, I am qualified to be your guide on all levels. To honor the sacredness of the container here at Mystic Eye I ask other's to respect the following boundaries: 

* No smoking/vaping/drugs/alcohol prior to your session or during. While these substances may create comfort (or mask anxiety) they also dissipate the energy that we want to harness to create your music. At Mystic Eye, the invitation is to remain in an expanded state of conscious awareness.

* Scent-free envronment (essential oils okay!) No perfume/colognes/lotions (organic, scent free okay). 


Call, email or text Todd Michael Bradt to talk about your project. We can determine whether Mystic Eye is the right fit, schedule a visit at the Cathedral Hill location and subseqently book a session.

(612) 214-8860 

I look forward to co-creating beautiful                     music with you!

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