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Mystic Eye Studio is an affordable, inviting, atmospheric sacred studio space located in the Carleton Artist Lofts of St. Paul. It is primarily geared toward indie folk and rock singer-songwriters/bands and rap artists. Having seriously immersed in audio production the past 4 + years, including recording and releasing my debut album, Beautiful Mind, I'm excited to take all I've learned along the way to facilitate the emergence of other indie artists.

"This guy knows his studio well and is always searching for the best techniques to get the sound you're looking for to create records that will stand the test of time, while having a great time creating them. I love the safe and inviting vibe Todd keeps here and am excited to come back!"                     Pete Widin, Singer-Songwriter






*Overdubbing guitars, bass,
backing vocals, piano, harmonium

*I have a network of skilled musicians I can hire for more elaborate/higher-budget productions

*Mastering - outsourced to one of England's leading engineers (U2, Jack White)



Ultimately, this is variable based on the needs and depth of the project. And I'm flexible, so best to reach out and discuss your project. However, general starting rates:  


Contact for Quote

Tracking: $50 hr
Come record hi-fi tracks to leave with to do your own final mix (or have me mix it). Treated space with non-toxic acoustic panels, 2 high quality Sphere L 22 modeling mics, UAD Apollo interface and top-of-the-line Universal Audio plug-ins.

Mixing: Variable agreed upon rate to mix track; price based on complexity and number of tracks. Typically ly $100-300.

Additonal session players: $75-175 per musician
(strings/sax/drums/pedal steel/flute/etc)

Mastering: $75/song - outsourced mastering from one of industry's most respected engineers


  Want to mix your own songs but don't have an acoustically treated space and the gear to make high quality recordings?
No problem. I can engineer your recording session with state of the art equipment and send you off with high quality tracks (or stems) for you to mix on your own time.


SACRED SPACE_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Control room/tracking room and second tracking room primarily for drums.

Homemade acoustic panels made with non-toxic, recyclable plant cellulose fiber. All the insulation, no fiberglass in the air. There are also 2 air purifiers and an abundance of plants. Beautiful historic and acoustically pleasing space with 11 foot ceilings, exposed brick and cement floors and two skylights. Multi-colored lights for evening ambience.


Buddy the Studio Cat, assistant engineer. 


Interface - Universal Audio Apollo MK 11 Quad
3 Quad Satellites (for a total of 16 DSP chips to power all necessary UAD plug-ins in any given session)

Focusrite Clarett+ OctoPre 8-channel ADAT Preamp (for a total of 10 inputs).

Mics - 2 UAD Sphere L22 modeling mic. This allows you to record vocals or an instrument and in post production have the option of choosing from over 100 amazing mics found in the best studios; this allows us to not only choose from expensive mics but also find the one with the quality and tonality that best brings forth your voice and instruments in the mix.

Warm Audio 47

2 Warm Audio WA-47jr's 

Shure SM 57; 565; MV7X; and Beta 52A.

3- CAD M179 condensers.

98 Universal Audio Plugins (API, Neve, SSL, Manley, Teletronix, Distressor, Fairchild, etc)

Other plug-ins: Altiverb Pro 7; Soothe 2; Soundtoys Echo Boys and Decapitator; FabFilter Pro Q 3; Pro MB & Creative Suite; Melodyne; Autotune; Gullfoss smart EQ; several Waves; and full Plugin Alliance suite; Slate Virtual Mix Bus; among others.



Headphones - Sony MDR 7506s
Monitors - CLA 10's (NS 10 remakes)
Adam Audio A 7X
Avantone Mixcube
Instruments - Taylor Acoustic guitar; Fender Electric Strat (Mexican); Fender Precision Bass; Fretless Bass; 1969 Wurlitzer Spinet Piano; Harmonium; Autoharp; Cajon; Vibraslap; Shaker; Tambourine; Triangle.


Call, email or text Todd Michael Bradt to talk about your project. We can determine whether Mystic Eye is the right fit, schedule a visit at the St Paul studio and subseqently book a session.

(612) 214-8860 

Conveniently located at edge of St Paul/Mpls:
2341 University Ave. W.
Unit 311

I look forward to co-creating beautiful                     music with you!

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