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Enduring Strength

O Love


Sweet Remembrance


Kissed By a Soft Embrace

Eternity Now

Bear No More the Secret of Your Love

I Do Not Wish to Sleep 

The Dreams of a Day

The Loyalty of Illusion

New Beginnings

You are my Heart

Always Through Me

The Truth of Waves

No Cloud Dared Break

Before Time Became Their Skin

Where Gratitude Gathers


Naked Without Word

My Last Breath

Desire Burns Strong to Speak

The Unspoken Answer


The Weeds of Oakland Cemetery

Where the Stars Begin

The Truth Never Steps off the Train

The Unrecognizable Sky

Empty Promise


His Always Trembling Hands

Unveiled by Rain

The Heart Before Conquest

One With the Stranger

The Past Will Never Bloom

Your Touch

Without Mask

Seasons of Self

The Echo of My Birth


Our Finest Point is Light

Mind: the Canvas Of Desire

Time is Suffering

The Gleam

The Glass Shore of Memory

To Catch Glimpse

Beyond the Page

Through Spring’s Wooded Womb

In the Forest, Death Remains an Honor

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